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LINDA KUNKIN and VLAD WEST are recording artists with many CDs and movies to their credits.  Their international audio cassette CHEERS was played at many radio stations in USA, Russia, Israel and Germany.  They were often guests at Jewish and Russian television programs with their interviews and performances.
Linda Kunkin renders her beautiful and stylish singing voice to native songs of many lands:              Hebrew, Russian, Belorussian, Yiddish, Ukrainian, Polish, Italian, Spanish etc.  For many years Linda has been accompanied by the highly polished stylings of her husband Vlad West, also known as Vladimir Sermakashev, an internationally recognized jazz musician, who has played with prominent Jazz musicians, including  performances with Duke Ellington and Gerry Mulligan in Moscow. Vlad was an inspiration and consultant for the movie "MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON".
They performed at the Waldorf Astoria, the Marriott Marquis, Grossingers, Raleigh Hotel and many more, including Jewish centers through out the Metropolitan area. They also has done performances to benefit Israel Bonds, Hadassah, and B’nai Brith.
"Linda Kunkin... another bright shining star in our very own galaxy!" - Tone Magazine. "High praises have been sung for this musical team... a marriage made in heaven" - Tempo Magazine.   "Their versatility and professionalism makes them a hard to beat. I love them!" - Damian Wagner

                                                                     To Listen:

           Vi Alkol Israel   (Hebrew)     My Yiddishe Momme   (Yiddish & English)
   A Freilahs Zol Mir Zingen  (Yiddish)                Doodly Doo   (English)
       Those Were The Days  (Russian)                    Aby Gezind  (Yiddish)
         Memory (from "Cats")  (English)    Fly Me To The Moon  (instrumental)
    Stella by Starlight  (instrumental)


                               *  - original songs
                                              *    - popular and folk songs
CD or audio cassette
Those Were The Days
Vi Alkol Israel
Memory (from "Cats")
A Freilahs Zol Mir Zingen
The Dark Eyes
Cheers! La Chayem! (wedding song)
My Yiddishe Momme
Za Oknom Druzhitsya Sneg
Aby Gezind


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